e t c e t e r a t a

We woke terrified, peering through snowy branches like startled birds, the roof gaping open to the sky, the storm still raging above.

Masanobu plays the fox in the shrine festival. Always has. Under the mask his whiskers quiver. It is the one time of year he can be himself.

The urge to breathe is a reflex I can’t keep fighting. But then I surface, gasping; my headlights a fading glow in the water below me.

As Petra raised her hand to pet the dog, it flinched, and she knew what kind of past it had escaped from. It already felt like family.

The frog didn’t leave our launch pad as expected. Instead it flew into several pieces as the rocket blew up. Jim’s brother is gonna kill us.

The deportation had left him with none of the fortune he’d made establishing the network that would now smuggle him back in. He could wait.

When the vet returned Toby’s body to us, she seemed too small, too fragile to have ever hurt anyone, let alone a child.

During the night shift, Jo had time to count the bundled bills she’d found in the restroom trash. It was enough. That morning, she resigned.

For six minutes, the ash clouds part, and Val follows everyone out into the cold Vietnamese air, blinking at the first sun seen in years.

Drunk on the last of his whisky, he watched them take everything in the bar. They left only the foreclosure papers and his empty glass.